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Tamara Holder

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Criminal defense attorney, TV legal analyst

From: La Junta, Colo.
Lives in: Old Town
Resumé note: Among other collaborative efforts with Jesse Jackson, Tamara founded a pro bono expungement clinic, in 2006, at Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

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“I graduated early from high school, college, and law school. I see what’s ahead, and I put my head down and go for it.”

“In college, I assumed I would marry my college sweetheart, have three kids before I was 27, and live happily ever after. Things change.”

“I can’t live without my digital camera. I love taking pictures of my friends and the places I see. Also, you never know if you’re going to need it at a crime scene.”

“Getting up early, snowboarding all day long, having a few beers, and being in bed by 7 p.m.: That’s the best day ever.”

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