Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House by Paul Goldberger, photographed by Tim Long

For the 100th anniversary of one of the most significant homes on the planet, the photographer Tim Long teamed up with the architecture critic Paul Goldberger for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House (Marquand Books; $19.99). For Long, capturing the low-slung, multiplaned house on film proved a challenge. “At a distance,” he writes, “it resembles a loosely shuffled deck of cards”—a notion shared by Goldberger. “Wright’s Prairie houses,” he explains, “were arrangements of masses, lines, and surfaces that gave the impression of having been slid back and forth until the architect had achieved a perfect composition.” Wright probably received considerable input from his client, Frederick C. Robie—though death (his father’s), divorce, and debt compelled Robie to sell the house after only two years.