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Liz Lefkofsky’s Softened Edge

The philanthropist’s understated look quietly pushes boundaries

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Lefkofsky's collection of heels
“I’m all about comfort, always. I’m attracted to casual, understated pieces.”

Lefkofsky’s wedge heels and platform sandals are sculptural but won’t break her feet before the end of a fundraising event (the Lefkofsky Family Foundation supports more than 100 charities).



Thank-you cards from students at the Young Women's Leadership Charter School in Chicago

Thank-you cards (right and below) from students at the Young Women’s Leadership Charter School in Chicago. Each year, the Lefkofskys take seniors shopping for college supplies. “I know that 25 years from now, those girls are going to do something wonderful for somebody else,” she says.



A tote bag and poster for Printers Row Book Fair

Lefkofsky was the director of Printers Row Book Fair in the mid-1990s and later was the director of special projects at Gallery 37, Chicago’s community center for the arts. She commissioned participants to create art for tote bags and posters (above right), among other items, that were sold to raise money for the center.



Limited-edition toys decorated by costume jewelry

The Lefkofskys are serious art collectors, but their tastes don’t tend only toward the rarefied. From a cache of costume jewelry (including the rings pictured at left) to a battalion of limited-edition toys, the couple’s curatorial impulses embrace both high and low culture.

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Photography: Anna Knott


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