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Singles 2011: Where Are They Now?

For 12 years, we’ve combed the city for its most eligible men and women. We checked in with a handful of past singles to find out the latest news in life—and love.

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Raúl Coronado in our 2009 Singles feature

Raúl Coronado today

2009 Single
Assistant professor of English at the University of Chicago // Lives in Uptown

For the past ten years, Coronado has been inching closer and closer to finishing his book about 19th-century Latino intellectual history. And now that he’s finally near completing it—and up for tenure this fall—he’s doing nothing but “living, breathing, and feeling this book.” He’s still single, but he hasn’t been bored.

Have you had time for dating? “I’ve enjoyed being single. But right now my relationship is my book, for the past several years.”

But are you open to it? “I try to be present and be in the moment. For what I want, it’s hard to plan. I want slow cooking—spending time with someone and creating a connection. I just want to be with someone and let it evolve.” —M.B.

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Photograph: (magazine spread) Megan Lovejoy


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