Woman seeking man

Diane Howard

  • Owner of AREA Realty Group and Accurate Real Estate Appraisal Group
  • Age: 35
  • From: Chicago
  • Lives in: River West

At the start of the recession, this native South Sider researched ways to stay afloat in real estate, and her foresight paid off: Howard and her ten employees are now focusing on appraisals, and she hopes to lend a hand to other fledging entrepreneurs when her incubator, SuiteSpace, opens in Bronzeville in 2013. “I always wanted to run a business,” says Howard, who models and acts on the side.

In the market for: In the market for: A tall guy—six feet and up—who exudes an “I’ll take care of you” vibe. “It’s not just money,” she explains. “Are you able to give good advice?”

Conversation starter: Her coin collection.