Woman seeking man

Kristin Petro

  • Owner of Kristin Petro Interiors
  • Age: 42
  • From: Crown Point, Indiana
  • Lives in: Elmhurst
  • Divorced, kids

Petro did what many people only dream about: She started over. She was a successful video producer and editor when the birth of her first child in 1999 prompted her to take time off. But after a few interior design classes, the do-it-yourselfer was tackling pro bono decorating jobs. “It was a humble beginning,” she says. In 2006, she launched her interior design firm. “It’s important to take risks,” says the mother of two, who loves an impromptu road trip.

In the market for: A genuine guy who isn’t obsessed with making an impression—and doesn’t mind lifting a heavy box.

Conversation starter: Lollapalooza, which she’s attended four years running.