Woman seeking woman

Nako Okubo

  • Associate creative director at McGarryBowen
  • Age: 31
  • From: Schaumburg
  • Lives in: Uptown

This graphic arts whiz and self-professed introvert holes up in the studio to hatch the visual plans for global advertising campaigns commissioned by the likes of Sears. But every first Thursday night, she hits the dance floor at Big Chicks, where Formerly Known As—the mostly queer yet all-inclusive party she cofounded five years ago—packs the house. “It’s the perfect amount of excitement for me,” she says. “It has its own momentum.”

In the market for: A levelheaded lady (mid-20s or older) who displays her wit—the nerdier, the better. “I’m a big dork for smart wordplay and puns,” she says.

Conversation starter: New York Times crossword puzzles.