Woman seeking man

Robin Robinson

  • Anchor at FOX Chicago
  • Age: 54
  • From: Chicago
  • Lives in: Bucktown
  • Divorced, kids

Reporters come and go in TV news, but not Robinson. The mother of three has been on the air at FOX since 1987, mostly in the high-profile anchor’s chair. In her downtime, she puts her star power to work: “I’m a people person,” says Robinson, who cofounded a mentoring program for girls and is a longtime supporter of the women’s shelter Clara’s House. She also loves partnering up for bid whist—an ante-upping card game similar to bridge.

In the market for: A mate who—like a good journalist—is curious, listens, and communicates. “Is he taking the time to find out about the world? That matters,” she says.

Conversation starter: Sammy Davis Jr., her godfather