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Singles 2013: Most Eligible Chicagoans
Brenda Arelano, 60
Leah Bradford, 36
Daniel Caspi, 33
Kym DeLost, 29
Matthew Harvat, 48
Frank Holland, 35
Paul Jaquez, 30
Alaina Kaczmarski, 27
Dan Keck, 42
Jennifer Kramer, 43
Henry Melton, 26
Leslie Osborne, 30
Joe Razza, 30
Preeti Shivakumar, 30
Mike Simmons, 30
Adam Stark, 23
Lisa Tolliver, 40
Robyn Tyler, 42
Salena Whitfield, 33
Rich Woo, 29
Woman seeking man

Brenda Arelano

  • Morning makeup artist, NBC-5
  • Age: 60
  • From: Pilsen
  • Lives in: Oak Park
  • Divorced, kids

Arelano doesn’t ride motorcycles as often as she used to, but she’s still wilder than her two grown children and would rather be out on the town than on a couch. The one-time court reporter now takes mental notes while people spill their stories in her makeup chair, and though she says she could write a book, she’ll never give up their secrets.

Her type: Sincere gentlemen who give freely of their time

Deal breaker: Homebodies who want to be waited upon

Photo and video by The Barkers
Styling by Agga B Raya
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