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Singles 2013: Most Eligible Chicagoans
Brenda Arelano, 60
Leah Bradford, 36
Daniel Caspi, 33
Kym DeLost, 29
Matthew Harvat, 48
Frank Holland, 35
Paul Jaquez, 30
Alaina Kaczmarski, 27
Dan Keck, 42
Jennifer Kramer, 43
Henry Melton, 26
Leslie Osborne, 30
Joe Razza, 30
Preeti Shivakumar, 30
Mike Simmons, 30
Adam Stark, 23
Lisa Tolliver, 40
Robyn Tyler, 42
Salena Whitfield, 33
Rich Woo, 29
Man seeking woman

Henry Melton

  • Defensive tackle, Chicago Bears
  • Age: 26
  • From: Dallas
  • Lives in: River North

One of the few Bears players who lives downtown, Melton likes to cruise up Lake Shore Drive in his white Maserati and go out to John Barleycorn or Board Room. Because he plays an aggressive position on the team, some are surprised by his fun-loving, well-mannered side. He’s a Southern gentleman, after all.

His type: A go-with-the-flow woman with goals. “She has to work out,” he adds. “I like girls who do squats.”

Conversation starter: Movies, sunshine, boats— just not football, please. “I’m there all day every day,” he says. “Let’s just talk about something else.”

Photo and video by The Barkers
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