FROM $1,289,900
TO $1,190,000

“It’s fun to do the details,” says the developer Ron Ysla while leading a tour through the four-unit Palais 1418, his tribute to Paris at 1418 North LaSalle Street. To make his point, he notes how the keystone design in the condos’ mantelpieces echoes the keystones on the building’s façade; how a curving wall subtly narrows a hallway as it progresses from the formal rooms to the bedrooms; and how the adjustable light fixtures give the otherwise classical spaces some modern style.

Because the building stands on a lot that is 158 feet deep, each of the three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath condos is 100 feet from front to back. That prompts Ysla’s agent, Clare Zaro of Rubloff, to compare the condos to single-family homes, with their widely separated formal and family zones. And because each of the condos occupies a full floor, they all have windows on four sides. “You won’t feel like you’re in a boxcar,” Ysla says.

At presstime, two condos had already been sold, one of them to Ysla. The other two condos are ready for immediate occupancy. Indoor parking, one space per unit, is included.


Photograph: Todd Urban