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The Insider

Five picks from Twista, whose new album, Category F5, comes out in June


1. Drake
Comeback Season

(mix tape)

“He’s one of the new up-and-coming guys I like a lot. It’s pure hip-hop.”


2. Robin Thicke
The Evolution of Robin Thicke

“That CD was cold. I remember being at an NBA All-Star weekend in Vegas, not doing much of anything because I was bumping Robin Thicke back to back.”


3. Amy Winehouse
Back to Black

“When I hear her, it makes me think about music from 20 or 30 years back. To hear someone take that style and bring it into today for people blew me away.”


4. Bob Marley

“I’m into that reggae vibe, and his subject matter. He was really about positivity and uplift for his people.”


5. The Isley Brothers
Between the Sheets

“It reminds me of my parents and my home growing up. It’s feel-good music.”


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