Three years ago, after a grueling 76-week run, Jordan Klepper and Seith Weitberg shut down The Late Night Late Show, a weekly “talk” show at iO. Now they’re back with their spoof, which stars two fake hosts—a repressed alcoholic whose agoraphobic wife is scared to leave the house and an Indian cohost who loves being in front of the “camera”—who interview actual local celebrities and musical guests. “It’s Garry Shandling, the Muppet Show, and Conan O’Brien rolled into one,” says Weitberg, a 28-year-old improviser and sketch artist. The show returns as part of A “Very Funny” Festival: Just For Laughs, a weeklong comedy event with more than 70 shows at 12 venues across Chicago. Created by TBS and Montreal’s Just For Laughs, the event is headlined by Ellen DeGeneres, Andy Dick, and other big names. But we’re pleased to see at least a few local up-and-coming comics in the crowd. June 17th through 21st.