Adult Arcade

Emporium Arcade Bar

Pinball, Centipede, and all your old Sega games—it’s like Chuck E. Cheese’s plus alcohol and indie music but minus the big mouse and sticky-fingered kids.
Perfect for:Reigniting old Duck Hunt feuds
Price:From 25 cents a game
Where:Lincolnshire, Logan Square, and Wicker Park



Make like Forrest Gump on one of the 20 tables at this bar and restaurant. More than a dabbler? Sign up for a tourney.
Perfect for:Paddlers who worship Susan Sarandon (founder of Spin)
Price:$29 for 30 minutes during peak hours
Where:River North

Saturday Morning TV

Saved by the Max

This Saved by the Bell–themed pop-up diner, scheduled to be open through August at 1941 West North Avenue, promises Macaroni and Screech and Lisa Turtle Milkshakes.
Perfect for:When you wake up in the morning and the ’larm gives out a warning …
Where:Wicker Park

Scavenger Hunt

Watson Adventures

Run amok searching for clues and solving puzzles at touristy sites such as the Field Museum and Art Institute.
Perfect for:Sherlock Holmes wannabes who love the thrill of the chase
Price:From $20, depending on venue
Where:Various locations

Sleepaway Camp

Life of Yes

Bond with up to 20 strangers in a secret location with a surprise itinerary—they won’t even spill details from past trips—from July 22 to 24.
Perfect for:Adults who are OK with vague plans and sharing a bathroom
Price:$534 a person (psst, registration ends June 22)
Where:Leaves from Roscoe Village

Zoo Trip

Brew to Be Wild

Sample more than 75 specialty brews while touring the grounds of Lincoln Park Zoo after dark on June 17 and 18.
Perfect for:Anyone who loves the monkey house but needs a drink to take the edge off that smell
Price:$49 for general admission; $89 for VIP package
Where:Lincoln Park