Illustration by John Kenzie
Illustration: John Kenzie; Headshot: Lisa Predko

Before quarantine, I was an avid sativa smoker. But now I’m looking to indicas to help me relax. Do you find this common?
— Psalm One [yes, the rapper]

It’s fair to say the state of the world has changed how most people consume cannabis. In fact, during the pandemic, some folks are switching to edibles to keep their lungs in better health.

While the uplifting feeling of sativas can help with fatigue and depression, they can also inspire anxiety and insomnia — not fun when you’re trapped in the house. Indicas have a reputation for causing sleepiness, but they don’t get enough praise for their stress-relieving benefits, which are perfect for a loopy night of laughing on the couch.

If you’re concerned about snoozing the day away, try hybrids or CBD-heavy strains to keep your brain balanced. Then, around sunset, pop an indica edible (around five milligrams for first-timers). By the time the sleepiness hits, you’ll be ready for bed anyway.

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