Plant Shop Chicago
Plant Shop Chicago Photo: Courtesy of Plant Shop Chicago

Sun Catchers

Westholder Art Glass
The vibe:Cathedral, but casual
The goods:Get all the divine light speckles of a stained glass window, minus the cost and nerve-racking installation. Bonus: Owner Amanda Rapacz of Shorewood sources materials from nearby Alpine Stained Glass, meaning purchases support not one but two local businesses.
Start here:The clean lines of hexagon sun catchers (from $9.50) let the gem tones and textures of the glass take center stage — and even if you hang a few, they won’t clutter your view.

Decorative Candles


2811 N. Pine Grove Ave.,
The vibe:If Ariel from The Little Mermaid became an influencer
The goods:From pillars in springy pastels to realistic little berry cakes, these soy and beeswax candles add refined whimsy. Evie Kim, who opened her Lake View East shop not even two months before the state’s stay-at-home order, chooses soy wax for its low-soot burn and to support American farmers, like her dad.
Start here:The slightly campy clamshell soy candle ($18) brings a Golden Girls flavor to your mantel.

Charcoal-based Incense

Adorn Home Fragrance
The vibe:College dorm meets Esalen Institute
The goods:Launched in 2015, Adorn makes scented candles that are free of toxins, and its year-old incense line is no different. Portage Park–based owner Lilia Stoyanov experimented for months before settling on a charcoal base, which burns cleaner and isn’t as overpowering as typical incense.
Start here:Oakmoss and lavender incense ($6.50 for 12) provides a fresh, lightly floral forest scent to neutralize bad smells without making the room stink in a different way.


Plant Shop Chicago

4601 N. Elston Ave.,
The vibe:Ever see Elvis’s Jungle Room?
The goods:If you didn’t already flood your place with plants to create your own private oasis, Ozzy Gamez and Juan Quezada, founders of this Mayfair shop, can help you fix that — whether you need impossible-to-kill succulents or enough tropical greenery to forget you’re in Illinois.
Start here:The trendy Monstera deliciosa ($23 for a five-inch pot) is the real-life inspiration for all those frond-print shower curtains and rompers you see these days.