Forget Upstairs, Downstairs. At Clarendon House—a 105-year-old structure in the Buena Park section of Uptown originally designed by Henry Ottenheimer and recently converted from apartments to condos—the notable division is between units in the front and the back of the building.

Each of the three front units has some beautiful original elements, such as plaster roping for crown molding, hefty pocket doors, or a tessellated Art Nouveau fireplace. The three rear units, while perfectly livable, have none of the vintage eye candy that is out front; they are also a little more than half the size of the front units.

Buena Park

From $280,000
to $530,000

Prices at the building, at 4038 North Clarendon Avenue, reflect that difference. The three front units run from $410,000 to $530,000; those in the rear are $280,000 to $290,000. In the front, the most appealing unit is on the second floor, which may have been the main living space when this was a single-family home, says Ron Ehlers, the Prairie Shore agent representing the property for the developer, Jim Ticus.