AGE: 33
OCCUPATION: entrepreneur
LIVES IN: Streeterville

Anderson Bell has just begun his third career, after an out-of-the-gate phase on the floor at the Chicago Board of Trade and a stint in the nightclub business he’d rather forget. Last September, he launched an online ticketing and marketing company, FanFueled, with a platform that works something like Foursquare but is for concerts and events (users buy tickets through the site and are rewarded with perks like backstage access when they spread the word). Bell’s life, he says, is nonstop work. Well, “work, exercise, read, hang out with my girlfriend, and go to a lot of concerts,” he clarifies. The new business requires him to meet with promoters and venue owners in New York, Los Angeles, and elsewhere. What’s the hottest ticket in town? “Blackhawks, definitely,” he says.




Photograph: Maria Ponce