AGE: 33
OCCUPATION: interior designer
HOMETOWN: Naperville
LIVES IN: Naperville

Jillian O’Neill’s goal is to create sanctuaries for her clients that feel personal for them and their families. “People ask about my aesthetic, and rather than defining myself by one category—sleek, modern, traditional—I think it’s more about the use of textures and scale and editing things down.” She does admit to a fascination with French design (“They have a history of mixing older spaces with cleaner-lined furniture, which inspires me”), and she’s working on a furniture line to be launched this spring. “I’m still going to design spaces, but I’m excited to be able to bring my own pieces to the table.” O’Neill, her husband, Dan, and their four children recently decamped from downtown for Naperville. “I never thought I’d have this many kids, especially at my age,” she says. “But it’s so fun to go through life with them.”




Photograph: Maria Ponce