AGE: 34
OCCUPATION: photographer
HOMETOWN: Farnborough, England
LIVES IN: Evanston

Thomas Chadwick’s French relatives will finally meet the newest grandson when the family vacations together in Limoges this summer. “He’s old!” Chadwick says. “Eighteen months.” The married father of two boys, Chadwick met his American wife, Erica, at photography school in England; she is now his agent. The photographer’s commercial-focused career has him shooting for clients such as Burger King, Procter & Gamble, and Starbucks. When Chadwick is off the clock, he likes to turn his lens on what he calls “American oddities.” “Like Florida,” he says. “Florida’s a very interesting place.” Sometimes Chadwick encounters the oddest of the odd when he puts out generic casting calls on Craigslist for ad-related photo shoots. “You never know what people might be thinking, sending in some of the photos they do.”




Photograph: Maria Ponce