A Lincoln Park condo

LINCOLN PARK $250,900 to $404,900

The 11 condos that remain for sale at SoNo, a 28-story high-rise at 860 West Blackhawk Street, are all on the building’s bottom floors. But with low industrial buildings on two sides of the property and open space on the other two, even SoNo’s second-floor units have pretty good views. (A second SoNo tower is slated to go up in the open space on the east side, with construction scheduled to begin this spring; the space on the other side has been empty for years, and no plans have been announced to put anything there.)

The largest available condos are two-bedroom units with 1,416 square feet of space; the highest priced, at $404,900, is on the fourth floor. Available one-bedroom units can be found as high as the eighth floor ($299,900); the lowest-priced condo ($250,900) is a 756-square-foot one-bedroom unit on the second floor. Parking spaces, formerly priced at $30,000, are now $9,000 to $21,000.

David Wiencek, the @Properties agent selling the units, notes that the developer, Smithfield Properties, has paid off its construction loans and turned the building (designed by Booth Hansen Architects) over to the homeowners’ association. “We’re stable financially while we wait for these to sell,” he says.


Photograph: Courtesy of @Properties