Porcelain bowls
Photo: Ryan Segedi

In Dubhe Carreño’s Northbrook studio, there is a heap of rejected ceramic pieces whose defects are difficult to distinguish from the natural variations found in her bestsellers. But she’s a perfectionist about imperfection and compares the irregularities to the freckles on her face: “What are people going to say to me, ‘I don’t want a freckle’?” Under the label This Quiet Dust — a phrase plucked from an Emily Dickinson poem — she creates sturdy dishware with forms inspired by ballet, which Carreño, who grew up in Venezuela, came to the United States to study before falling in love with pottery. Feel the flow with a dip set featuring turquoise porcelain bowls set atop a matte black tray (pictured, $165) — an unexpected yet perfect pairing. thisquietdustceramics.com