Illustration by John Kenzie
Illustration: John Kenzie

Since July, Erwin Drechsler (Erwin) has been a chef without a kitchen. For longer than that, Mitra Ryndak (Café Aroma) has been a restaurateur without a chef.

This spring, they kill two birds as Drechsler lands the dinner shift at Ryndak’s spot, bringing in his own staff and a menu stamped Erwin @ Aroma.

Erwin devotees can get right down to business with their hero’s famous burger, homemade pickles, horseradish slaw, and russet potatoes. During the day, Ryndak serves up breakfast and lunch as always and just maybe some of Drechsler’s cherry pie. However this union happened, you’ll likely approve.

749 Elm St., Winnetka