Wall art on display
Photo: Courtesy of Josh Yöung Design House

Play to Your Aesthetic

“If you’re a minimalist, create a vertical or horizontal column of same-sized paintings. For a maximalist approach, fill up an entire wall with artwork for a fun gallery look.”

Opposites Attract

“One of my favorite things to do is take a modern artwork and put it in an antique frame. I love that it’s unexpected and creates friction.”

Embrace Mishmash

“Hang frames of different styles on one wall. This will make it seem like a display that’s been curated and collected over time, even if you’re putting it up all at once.”

Don’t Overdo It

“I often see people put too much on a wall. Give pieces space to speak for themselves. I typically like to leave at least two inches in between frames. You want to ground, not overpower, a room.”