1. Doveman, With My Left Hand I Raise the Dead
“His very quiet voice is amplified over a landscape of quiet sounds. It’s a weird feeling, like someone whispering inside your face.”

2. Ólöf Arnalds,Við og Við [By and By]
“She’s Icelandic, and her album was a folk sensation there. It’s the most sweet guitar and very simple voice.”

3. Teitur, Káta Hornið
“He’s from the Faeroe Islands and sings in Faeroese. This album has daring, minimal arrangements with his voice sitting on top. It’s super beautiful.”

4. Alfred Deller, Elizabethan and Jacobean Music
“The melodic lines and his delivery are simple, but the quality of the voice makes it emotionally engaging.”

5. Leonidas Kavakos and Peter Nagy, Stravinsky/Bach
“It’s a period in Stravinsky’s life when he was writing neoclassical music, but it had moments that were heartfelt.”