When it closed in 2003 after 138 years, the Harvard prep school left behind an interconnected series of buildings in Kenwood. Now two developers have remade the complex, at 4731 South Ellis Avenue, into four condominiums and one single-family home—which one of the developers has already reserved for himself.


From $839,000
to $959,000

There is one four-bedroom condo on each of the three floors of the oldest building, which dates to 1917; they range in price from $839,000 (for a 3,252-square-foot unit) to $959,000 (for a 3,627-square-foot unit). Behind that building is a big courtyard, until recently the site of a second school building. “You couldn’t put balconies on that historic façade out front, so you need a lot of outdoor space in back,” says Robert Sullivan, the Urban Search agent listing the condos for the developers, Steve Soble and Duncan Harris.

On the east side of the courtyard, the fourth condo—a 5,124-square-foot unit priced at $949,000—occupies the two floors of the former Harvard School library. East of that building stands the old Harvard gym, which Soble is developing as his own home. At press time, all four condos were still available and ready for move-ins.

Photograph: Courtesy of Spare Time, Inc.