On November 4 and 5, Christie’s in New York will auction off 30 Picassos from the Jan Krugier estate.

Tête, the maquette for the inscrutable (is it a dog or a bird?) sculpture that has stood sentry in Daley Plaza since 1967, is predicted to be the top price fetcher, to the tune of $25 to $35 million. The real deal is 50 feet tall; this scale model is 41-1/2 inches.

Among the 30 works for sale at the auction, this sculpture is expected to fetch the highest price. The total value of the items for sale from the Krugier estate is estimated at $170 million.

That price range isn't unheard of—another Picasso sculpture went for $29.1 million in 2007.

Is this one worth it?