Looking at the Hummers idling outside this Scottsdale, Arizona–based meat market, you may forget that you are, in fact, in the humble Midwest. Even more so when you feast your eyes on the glitzy clientele and hear the sounds of Bruno Mars blasting from the jam-packed piano bar. A good ol’ Chicago steak house this ain’t.

The meat at this gigantic bi-level venue isn’t exactly a shrinking violet, either. Mastro’s wet-ages its steaks for 28 days, cooks them in a 1,500-degree broiler, and serves them, sizzling with clarified butter, on plates heated to 450 degrees. Why? Who knows. But the juicy 12-ounce bone-in filet is attention grabbing and low in fat—similar to that Barbie look-alike at the next table.

Perfect for: Beautiful people and those who love them