Kitsch on the Gold Coast? Only if you consider a museum-caliber collection of photos of the former Bears coach and players covering every bit of wall space kitschy. The gift shop, too, crosses over into Tackyville.

But here’s the thing: Eating at Ditka’s is fun. The wait staff is relaxed and professional (no hipster shtick, no nonsense), the dining room feels cozy, the crowd is multigenerational, and the conversation inevitably turns to the glory days. Especially after a Bloody Mike or two.

Steaks here are wet-aged Premium Gold Angus, but go for the Tomahawk—a 30-ounce off-menu dry-aged prime rib eye. It’s a buttery-textured beaut an inch and a half thick, and it comes with a generous garnish of grilled veggies and potatoes. No need for a side dish, but, come on, you’re at Ditka’s. Bear down and order a football field’s worth of crispy onion strings.