Red Velvet Cupcake 


Between the rich, tangy cream cheese frosting and the cocoa-laced cake that’s borderline savory, these treats are every bit as decadent as their sugar-spiked siblings. $3.95. 50 E. Walton St.


Pisco And Chocolate


Don’t be fooled by the  Fudgsicle-like appearance. This pop packs heat, thanks to a brushstroke of habanero coulis. The accompanying pisco sour “air”—a foam flavored with the Peruvian brandy—boasts bite of a different kind. $7. 122 W. Monroe St.


Crystal Cake

Stetsons Modern Steak & Sushi

Made with gellan gum (a jelling agent derived from algae) and sugar, this jelly-like dome gets its real flavor from the sidekicks: nutty kinako (soy flour) and kuromitsu, a brown sugar syrup infused with ginger and yuzu. $9. 151 E. Upper Wacker Dr.


Chocolate Chip Cookie

The Paleo Cookie

These locally made, mail-order cookies are chock-full of chocolate chips, shredded coconut, and blanched almond flour—and completely free of dairy and grains. $30 per dozen.