Presidential candidates work grueling schedules criss-crossing the country wooing voters. Consider Barack Obama’s itinerary for four weeks this past July: seven stops in New Hampshire and 15 in Iowa, the two historically important early-voting states, as well as trips to more than a dozen other towns and cities around the nation. Here we track his schedule and highlight stops along the way.

WEEK 1: July 1-7
Sunday Chicago, IL
Monday Laconia, NH > Concord, NH
Tuesday Keokuk, IA > Mt. Pleasant, IA > Fairfield, IA
Wednesday Oskaloosa, IA > Pella, IA > Des Moines, IA
Thursday Philadelphia, PA > New Orleans, LA
Friday Chicago, IL
Saturday Chicago, IL


WEEK 2: July 8-14
Sunday Chicago, IL
Monday Huntsville, AL > Birmingham, AL
Tuesday Des Moines, IA > Washington, DC 
Wednesday Washington, DC
Thursday Detroit, MI > Grand Rapids, MI
Friday Las Vegas, NV > Chicago, IL
Saturday Oelwein, IA > Elkader, IA > Manchester, IA > Peosta, IA


WEEK 3: July 15-21
Sunday Chicago, IL
Monday Chicago, IL
Tuesday Washington, DC > Cincinnati, OH
Wednesday Washington, DC
Thursday Sunapee, NH > Hanover, NH
Friday Hampton, NH > Manchester, NH > Nantucket Island, MA
Saturday Chicago, IL > Des Moines, IA


WEEK 4: July 22-28
Sunday Miami Beach, FL > Columbia, SC
Monday Mt. Pleasant, SC > Charleston, SC
Tuesday Charleston, SC > New York, NY
Wednesday Washington, DC
Thursday Concord, NH > Columbia, SC > St. Louis, MO
Friday Adel, IA > Winterset, IA
Saturday Des Moines, IA > Chicago, IL