The recently retired Stanley Tigerman of the iconic Chicago firm Tigerman McCurry Architects (his wife and partner, Margaret McCurry, is still practicing), whose designs include Pensacola Place in Buena Park and the Anti-Cruelty Society in River North, is clear-eyed about his legacy: “It is what it’ll be. Buildings will get torn down, or remodeled badly, or refaced, and I don’t have any feelings about that. What I did was for the client, not for resale. Life is always in a state of change — buildings come and go, as do I.” To wit, three Tigerman McCurry homes that have come on the market:

61 W. 15th St., South Loop

Photo: RE/MAX

Specs:Two bedrooms, two bathrooms

The modular aesthetic of his condo building Burnham Station was inspired by the work of the legendary modernist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The interior of the eighth-floor unit, redone in 2012, is slate heavy, with a sleek but standard look.

17170 River Bluff Dr., New Buffalo, Michigan

Photo: MichRIC

Price:$1.075 million
Specs:Four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms

In one of the upstairs bathrooms, Tigerman McCurry made a point of placing a window in the space normally reserved for a mirror as a “reminder that you’re there to enjoy nature,” says the home’s owner, interior designer Erik Kolacz.

919 Hill Rd., Winnetka

Photo: Coldwell Banker

Price:$5.5 million
Specs:Six bedrooms, eight bathrooms

McCurry led the overhaul of this grand North Shore mansion, originally constructed in the 1920s, over a period of 16 years. Among the changes: She turned the garage into a family room, combined the kitchen with the butler’s pantry to create a bigger kitchen, and elongated the windows to emphasize the high ceilings.