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Five Ways to Upgrade Your Space on a Budget

Summer’s sunshine casts a new light on living spaces, revealing all those things we want to change. Fortunately, you don’t have to have a lavish budget to upgrade your space. Here are a few changes that don’t require an excess of funds or energy, and will ensure you love where you live through the end of summer and beyond.

painted wall

Paint a wall or two

Whether it’s a bold new color or a calm neutral tone, a new coat of paint revamps a room for the cost of a hardware store run and a few supplies. Keep in mind the change doesn’t have to be drastic to have an impact: even a new coat of a similar color can make a room feel brighter, cleaner and brand new. Pro tip: recruit a few friends and provide the wine and painting project becomes a fun — and productive — social hour.


Add new accessories

Incorporating a few new accessories into a room can provide a renewed energy. Throw pillows and blankets or a small area rug bring in additional color and texture. Accessories like bookends, a coffee table tray or vases add both fashion and function. Don’t forget to include pieces that serve no other purpose than to showcase your personality. Statues, framed photos and other items add personal style while also serving as a conversation starter.


Change the lighting

Few things have an impact on a space like changing up the lighting elements. This seemingly small fix can add both color and style while improving the quality of the light in a room — thus changing the overall energy. From more dramatic changes like updated hanging pendants or chandeliers to simple swaps like new lampshades or unique light switch covers, this upgrade allows you to get as simple or complex as time, budget and energy allow.


Add or change the artwork

Whether you’re putting posters into new frames, rearranging your collection of family photos or finally getting around to displaying those prints you bought years ago, changing up the artwork in a room is a chic and affordable upgrade, thanks to a wide array of budget-friendly framing options. For a change that costs nothing at all, simply move the artwork around the room or create a gallery wall.


Rearrange the furniture

The quickest and most affordable way to upgrade your space on a budget? Rearrange the furniture. And to ensure a range of design possibilities, look to modular furniture. A modular sofa can expand, contract or change shape depending on your changing lifestyle needs. Sofas, for example, can be turned into several different pieces — think an armchair or a loveseat — and can be assembled or taken apart without tools in 15 minutes, thanks to a simple click-in system. While affordable modular furniture requires an investment up front, the blend of style and functionality means you’ll have years of affordable upgrades in your future.


With delivery in under a week, quick (and tool-free!) assembly, sustainable materials and modern designs, Burrow is reinventing the way people furnish their homes. The direct-to-consumer company was named one of 2018's 10 Most Innovative Retail Brands by Fast Company, and had their sofas listed on Time's 50 Best Inventions of the Year. Check out their game-changing furniture in person at their new Fulton Market showroom, Burrow House, or browse their entire catalog at burrow.com.

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