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The Poetry Foundation

Note: Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, events are subject to cancelation. Please call ahead.

the Poetry Foundation

The Poetry Foundation building is closed to the public until further notice for the safety of our staff and community; this includes all in-person programming.

True to our commitment to sharing poetry that speaks to this time, this moment, the Poetry Foundation will continue to provide free online resources and programs.

Forms & Features Online: Concrete Poetry

Explore concrete poetry, work that blends form and meaning through specific attention to graphic features, such as typography, shape, and layout.
Sessions August 3, 5 & 7
RSVP required at library@poetryfoundation.org

Forms & Features Online: Persona

Learn about persona, a dramatic, mask-like character the poet creates, assumes, and speaks through.
Sessions August 10, 12 & 13
RSVP required at library@poetryfoundation.org

Forms & Features Online: Ode

Explore the ode, a lyric poem of address, praise, and celebration of a person, place, thing, or idea.
Sessions August 17, 19 & 21
RSVP required at library@poetryfoundation.org

Forms & Features Online: Diction

Focus on the diction of poetry, exploring how word choice and vocabulary shapes tone and voice.
Sessions August 24, 26 & 27
RSVP required at library@poetryfoundation.org

Online Book Club

All are welcome to a book group moderated by library staff. Discuss neckbone: visual verses by avery r. young. young will attend.
All participants will be offered a complimentary copy of neckbone.
August 28
RSVP required at library@poetryfoundation.org

Stay up to date at poetryfoundation.org/visit

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