Our September issue features a story about the 30 best burgers in Chicago. You may notice that some of your favorites are absent from this list. Simply put, a lot of the biggies disappointed. Legends like Boston Blackie's, Hackney's, Goldyburgers, Jury's, and Monk's still draw crowds, but the real game in 2009 is elsewhere. A newer darling, Rockit, may have kick-started the Kobe Burger Thing at upscale bars, but my burger there was tartare-mushy, the onion roll was a stale dud, and the supersweet date aïoli gave me a toothache. And though I’ll make no friends with this statement, it’s time to call Billy Goat what it is: a charming grease trap with a great history and average burgers.

What’s your favorite burger in Chicago? What is the most overrated? To get your juices flowing, here’s our list of the best, in order of preference. Read the full story, vote for your favorite, and post comments below!