Plucky primordial sea creatures singing and dancing up from the ooze versus surly post-apocalyptic Ph.D. candidates groping and bickering their way to extinction: The former star in Yeast Nation, a musical spin on the earth’s genesis from the creators of Urinetown; the latter are the antiheroes of Boom, a comedic look at Armageddon. Turns out the beginning and the end of the world have a lot in common—onstage, at least.

A sea fungus rebels. The world sloshes toward evolution.
Water, Water Everywhere
A meteor hits the sea. The world becomes terminally sloshy.
The play’s leading men and women are all fungi named Jan: Jan the Elder, Jan the Famished, and so on.
The Power of J
The universe’s last best hopes are named Jules and Jo.
Humanity’s forerunners ponder the nutrition of sea sludge when salt supplies run low.
Global Food Crisis

Humanity’s survivors ponder the nutrition of cannibalism when food supplies run low.

The titular one-celled critters struggle to rise from the sea’s depths to experience the joy of self-division.
Let’s Talk About Sex
A gay grad student struggles to rise to the occasion and repopulate a dying world.


GO: Yeast Nation: Previews Sep 10-16; $30, or pay what you can at the door. Regular run Sep 18–Oct 18; $35-$40. American Theater Company, 1909 W Byron. Boom: Sep 11–Oct 11. $25-$40. Next Theatre, 927 Noyes St, Evanston.