Initiated by predecessor Mitch Daniels and perpetuated by Indiana governor Mike Pence, anti-Illinois billboards ($369,000 worth!) pop up along interstate highways. Sample slogan: “Illinoyed by higher taxes?”


Pence signs a bill that will gradually drop the corporate tax rate from 6.5 to 4.9 percent by 2021. Illinois’s rate at the time was 9.5 percent. (It’s now 5.25 percent.)


MAC Medical Supply, Tec Air, Carl Buddig & Company, AM Manufacturing, and others jump ship. Indiana doubles down on its ad campaign with the updated “Stillinnoyed?”


Illinois governor Bruce Rauner bites back, telling the Chicago Tribune he plans to “rip the economic guts out of Indiana.”


Days before Trump taps him as running mate, Pence proposes a $1 billion investment in tech entrepreneurship, steamrolling Illinois’s planned $220 million infusion into venture funds.