John Hancock Center
Photo: Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune; (tag) istock

Dick Wolf Executive Plaza

What better way to honor the city’s greatest job creator? The tower offers plenty of room to house the casts of Chicago Fire, P.D., and Med and their inevitable spinoffs, Chicago Ed, Library, and Sanitation.

Big Goat

Globally inspired, farm-to-table, shared small-plate real estate.

Wakanda Global Outreach Center

The reclusive African nation is looking to establish relationships with the rest of the world. This is an if-you-build-it-the-fictional-characters-will-come situation.

BiffCo Tower

Nothing is hotter than an ’80s pop-up. Named for Biff Tannen’s megacorporation from Back to the Future, Part II, BiffCo Tower would mirror the unlikely rise of a certain other rich thug from the era who slapped his name on a Chicago skyscraper.