Tone Kapone
Photo: Lisa Predko

There’s barely an hour of the day that you can’t find Kapone somewhere on the air. Besides his afternoon show on WGCI, you can catch him evenings in Indianapolis, overnights in more than 30 markets through iHeartMedia, and on his “Dish Minute” segment on the syndicated TV show Dish Nation. Here’s how the Hyde Parker, 40, keeps his body tight and his vocal cords tuned despite his packed schedule.

Training routine

I read a ton of magazines — Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health — and came up with my own workout. I used to go to XSport, but people kept slipping me demos or trying to get some tickets. Now I’m at East Bank Club about three days a week. My cardio is basketball. From there, it’s a lot of free weights. With dumbbells, I see results fast. Benching is my favorite; shoulder press too. I used to focus on curls and triceps, but at one point my arms got ridiculous — I’m like, I’m not sure I can be that guy.

Gym Multitasking

If, say, Drake just came out with an album, I’ll listen to it while I’m working out so I can talk about it on the air. I treat it like a study hall. My mind’s open, and I’m able to take in the information easier than when I’m driving.

At-home maintenance

Each night I’ll do like 50 or 100 pushups and sit-ups, get on the edge of the stairs and do some dips and calf raises. You might not see the body changing as much, but it definitely maintains.

Eating plan

Breakfast is normally at 10 or 11. I’ll eat four pieces of turkey bacon and maybe three eggs; I scramble them with really light olive oil. Lunch might be Caesar salad with chicken, no cheese and no croutons. Or if I’m really trying to lose weight, it’ll be a GNC Wheybolic banana or strawberry protein shake for breakfast, another protein shake for lunch. I’m going so fast during the day that sometimes I’ll just eat peanuts. Then for dinner, it’s meat and vegetables — salmon or chicken or steak and asparagus.


I try to drink two liters of water a day — Core or Fiji. That helps my skin and voice.

Cheat meal

I love pizza so much it’s ridiculous. Giordano’s is my favorite, or Aurelio’s, or this frozen pizza that’s cheap but I absolutely stinking love, Jack’s.

Recovery practice

Rest is the main thing, especially for busy people. My break is on Sunday. I go to church at Fellowship Missionary Baptist and to lunch at Batter & Berries or Peach’s, then relax.