Head-to-toe bright color is a curious trend right now. It intrigues the introvert in me. I couldn’t wear it, but I might want to be friends with the person who did.

Young, party-loving Chris Benz referenced the late ’70s in his warehouse presentation this season—specifically the clubgoers of New York during this era. It made me think of ’70s Sonia Rykiel, with her superhero matching ensembles of red, blue, and yellow. Rykiel said she dreamed of women walking around on the street like crayons out of a box. Benz’s whimsical energy has the same vibe.

Thakoon Panichgul, whose name is surely becoming memorable after having dressed Michelle Obama, sent out a jubilant fur coat that calls to mind the plumes of a parrot. It was surprising, inventive, and an undeniable thing of beauty, one of the more memorable looks of this week.

Michael Kors mixed his trademark polish with a bit of neon for Fall 2009. After the show, Chicago‘s fashion director Stacey Jones repeated her mantra to me that she has always wanted to live in a Michael Kors world.


It can be helpful to think of what a designer is contributing. What customer is being served? It’s been noted by some critics that in a rock-‘n’-roll fashion edge moment, the lady has been largely abandoned. But there are still several New York designers who have not forgotten her.

Behnaz Sarafpour showed a sweet collection with tailored dresses and tunics shown over stretchy black pants that reminded me of Balenciaga.

Rachel Bilson was in the front row at Brian Reyes, looking like a perfect muse for the brand. Inspired by stone quarries, Reyes presented his own twist on ladylike, in a collection with a sharp architectural elements.

Furrier Dennis Basso has nowhere to go in a recession other than, well, fur. He had some extremely lovely looks, although they would be much stronger if worn separately as pieces. Few are the bold women who will mix a mink coat with a mink hat. But they, too, might be friends with the fun gals in head-to-toe yellow at Chris Benz.

Photography: Images 6 & 7 courtesy of Style.com