Who knew Last Girl Standing was kind of like confession? Here, the most notable quotes from the last week:

“There I was, standing in a room with 700 women and three gay guys.”
–The Boyfriend, in reference to me dragging him to Thursday’s opening party for the new ultra-feminine Nanette Lepore store in Bucktown

“Oh, my god. Do you want to die? I think I lost my virginity to an R. Kelly CD. I think we put the music up really loud.”
–Kim Kardashian, in an interview I conducted for playboy.com, pegged to her December Playboy pictorial

“South Beach, 1998-turning-1999. The club has it in them to play DJ Kool’s ‘Let Me Clear My Throat’ instead of Prince’s ‘1999’ when the clock struck midnight. Quite classic. You could only imagine the laughter that took place.”
–Josh K., in regards to his best New Year’s Eve ever

“We will extract you from your pals to introduce you to new people. And we anticipate that you’ll give us a hand by saying hello to any of the 500-plus people in the room.”
–From a press release for the Meet New People Party, 7 p.m. Thursday the 8th at Alhambra Palace

“Now casting ladies who are ambitious, charming, and successful, and who are looking to settle down.”
–From a press release announcing local casting for ABC’s The Bachelor, 9 to 11 p.m. Saturday the 10th at Devon Seafood. Call 312-642-5097.

“In the near future, Table4Ten will be adding additional markets to their network. They already have an incredible interest ranging from musicians, athletes, Russian Elite and even Middle Eastern Princes.”
–A press release for the new high-end concierge service targeting affluent professionals and celebs

“We enforce a dress code: We can’t let him in with those.”
–The Friday-night doorman at Stone Lotus to The Boyfriend, regarding the latter’s Adidas sneakers

“Well, it’s no Hamilton’s.”
–Michael P., 37, while waiting for a table Friday before the Bulls home opener at WestEnd, a new upscale sports bar near the United Center

“This is the best mojito I’ve ever had.”
–A friend, over dinner Saturday at Zocalo, about the spot’s pineapple-flavored sipper

“I am never moving back to Chicago. It’s so cheesy here.”
–A New York transplant, referencing the strict door policy and club dancers at NV Penthouse Lounge on Saturday night