The gorgeous, ’20s-inspired looks at Dior

A lot of Fashion Week-ers complain about the hot venues. You think, “Could it really be so bad?”—until you find yourself sitting inside a clear plastic tent in the middle of the day. Remember holding a piece of glass over ants to fry them with the sunlight? It’s the same concept.

Which is why I wasn’t surprised when I got a text from Stacey yesterday: “I’m at Dior, and it’s sooo hot here!”

But she at least had something to distract her. Five minutes later she texts this: “Sting and Trudie are 4 rows in front of me! Trudie has on a very French beret!”

Much later that night, I was having dinner at the Hotel Costes, and I made eye contact with a man at a nearby candlelit table. I noticed that the woman sitting with him was wearing a beret.

I let my friend finish her story, then I leaned in, “Don’t look now, but Sting is sitting right next to us.”

The four American heads turned at once.

Then there was this comment on the beret: “Trudie’s really committing to the French thing, isn’t she?” She was also really committing to Galliano’s theme for Dior, which showed many hatted ladies this season.

Before the Issey show today, Stacey and I rehashed what she’d seen so far. She got a certain flush talking about the Dior show. “Gorgeous, long looks. ’20s inspired. Amazing hats. I’m starting to like Galliano again.”

Consider her twice stung.


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