This week we pair the high and the lowbrow, the classy and the not so, the bejeweled and the beblanketed. On Thursday our intrepid nightlife photographer headed to the chichi Blackstone Hotel, site of a recent $139 million renovation, where Lincoln Park Young Professionals ogled a diamond fashion show and downed specialty martinis as part of Billionaire at the Blackstone. On Saturday our shooter captured a bash of a different stripe, the Snuggie Pub Crawl, where revelers hopped from bar to bar (Lion Head Pub and John Barleycorn, among others) bedecked in the now-infamous blanket with sleeves to raise money for a Tanzanian orphanage. What, you didn’t don a glorified poncho in public? You can still browse photos of those who did.

Billionaire at the Blackstone photos >>
Snuggie Pub Crawl photos >>

Photography by Megan Dodge