A party hosted by @superfun
@superfun throws a Pitchfork afterparty at Double Door on Sunday.

I swear I saw rock stars at Cirque du Soleil last night. There they were, slouching around under the big top in their faded black skinny jeans, cool bed-head haircuts, and rumpled vests over V-neck tees. As we sipped $8.50 Bud Lights during intermission, I jabbed The Creative Director in the shoulder and pointed: “Look! I bet they’re here for Pitchfork. Wonder what band they’re with?”

We had seen the white tents and security guards surrounding Pitchfork’s camp, in Union Park, on our way to OVO in the United Center parking lot (the real rock stars, by the way, are those human rubber bands, the Cirque performers), and just the sight of the pre-Pitchfork hustle and bustle put me in the mood to don a tie-dye dress and fight for standing room as close to an amplifier as possible.

Snagging a prime spot for the Animal Collective set tonight is only the beginning of this weekend’s Pitchfork-induced competition: Plenty of Chicago bars are hosting parties and offering specials in an attempt to get a slice of the fest action. Here’s what your ticket stub or wristband will get you at various spots around town:

• Ten percent off your bill at The Boundary, which sits on the Wicker Park/Ukrainian Village border and will play only music by Pitchfork bands all weekend.

• Down the street at Bangers & Lace, $1 scores you a hot dog Friday through Sunday.

• Half-price burgers ($5) with fries at Blokes & Birds in Lakeview.

• At Porkchop, within walking distance of the fest itself, get a free shot of whiskey, a pork-belly slider, or grilled corn (one per Pitchforker per night).

• For prefest fuel, hit The Red Canary in nearby River West for a free brunch entrée on Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Theory in River North offers twenty percent off your table’s check, Friday through Sunday.

Then wrap it all up Sunday night with @superfun’s Pitchfork afterparty at Double Door, featuring sets from Theophilus London, Kenna, and Blah Blah Blah. The bash is free, even for those without a Pitchfork wristband, and, as with all @superfun events, there’s no RSVP list—so plan to arrive early. I talked with Shannon Sangster and Marc Moran, cocreators of the @superfun parties in Chicago, about what we can expect.

The Chaser: How long has @superfun been going on?
Marc Moran: It’s our second anniversary this summer, and it’s exciting to see how it’s grown into something bigger than we imagined. One of our favorite moments was when the cast of Glee came to our Wednesday night party at JBar. They danced and sang all night—even when the lights came on and the music stopped. They kept going, and that’s what we’re all about.

TC: What does “@superfun” mean?
Shannon Sangster: We just truly want to bring people together through art, music, and fashion. When we started the party, there was nothing like it in Chicago. We wanted to create something that was super diverse [and] wasn’t a scene but was about being creative, authentic, and having the most fun possible. So we decided to invite about 40 of our friends to JBar on a Wednesday, and then the next week, the crowd doubled. It kept growing from there.

TC: Has @superfun ever had a Pitchfork party before?
MM: Never, so we’re really excited for this event. We are always trying to keep things fresh, so we’re moving from downtown to Wicker Park for this one. It’s going to be a great show—such a good mix of music.

TC: Any drink specials on tap?
MM: We’re going to be drinking Hennessey Black lemonades all night.

TC: What should we know about the bands on your lineup?
SS: All the bands are getting a lot of buzz right now. Theophilus London’s new album drops the Tuesday after our show, and this will be Kenna’s first show in Chicago before his album comes out. They both have really unique points of view and voices in the music scene right now, and we love that.

TC: Doors open at 7 p.m., and you say the show starts at 8:30. But what time will the bands really start playing?
MM: 8:30.

Stay tuned for details about @superfun’s first block party in August. But first, check out The 312 for more Pitchfork afterparty picks then visit Seen on the Scene Monday for photos from Beauty Bar’s official Pitchfork afterparty on Saturday night.


Photograph: Darkroom Demons