Nightlifers, meet Amalie Drury (less like "ah-ma-LEE," the fictional Frenchie; more like "Emily," with a Kentucky accent). Once you’ve mastered the Southernese, say hello if you see our new girl-about-town—a Louisville native and longtime CS vet—on the scene. She’ll be scouting the city’s best spots to drink and people watch, not necessarily in that order, then reporting on it Thursdays here in The Chaser. We asked Amalie a few questions to break the ice. 

What’s the best new nightlife trend?
There are only a few weeks left to enjoy them this year, but I’m a big fan of all the new rooftop bars. When I was a kid, my teachers used to complain about my constant staring out the window; I still love nothing more than a good view. Take me to a table at the new Terrace at Trump or Roof at The Wit, and you won’t have to bother with sparkling conversation. I’ll be too entranced by the skyline.  

And the worst?
Is it really necessary to have 400 TVs in every bar? I spend enough time glued to screens when I’m working (and watching episodes of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami on DVR). Nothing kills a mood faster than when the person you’re talking to has his or her eyes plastered to the plasma over your shoulder.

Are you more of a see-and-be-scenester or a neighborhood barfly?
I can go both ways. I’m not one to make kissy faces at photographers, but I do like to be among the first onsite when a new bar opens—and I’m a sucker for a good celebrity appearance. Still, I end a lot of nights at my neighborhood bar, the River Shannon—perfect for drunken human-sized Jenga; plus, it’s a quick, well-lit walk home.  

Favorite newish bar?
I love Wang’s in Boystown, a tiny bar connected to the sushi restaurant Wakamono. Owner Henry Chang’s style, cheap and chic, is spot-on. The red lighting at Wang’s makes everyone look good, and your martini comes topped with a gorgeous orchid. Too pretty to resist!

Any secrets for getting past the velvet rope?
I’d like to say that being nice works best—and sometimes that’s true. But occasionally you also have to do a little name-dropping. For the purposes of full disclosure, I’ve been known to walk straight to the front of the line and confidently pronounce myself a BFF of the owner (even if that’s not 100-percent accurate). If my name isn’t on the list, I’ll give a friendly but exasperated “your loss, not mine” shrug and start walking away. They usually get nervous and call you back.

Who’s your go-to drinking companion?
My little sister Liv is a happy drinker who meshes well. Other friends are great to start the night with, but I usually lose them to particular habits: early disappearances, unofficial narcolepsy, and, in defiance of my number-one “keep-it-together” rule, insistence on shots. But I’m a known end-of-night crier, so I can’t be too picky.

What about your go-to drink?
Easy: Maker’s and Diet. I’m from Kentucky, and I’ve had a taste for bourbon since I was, well, a toddler. 

Best bar for a first date?
A quiet, romantic hotel bar, like the wood-paneled Bar at The Peninsula. You can hear each other speak; the business travelers at the next table couldn’t care less who you are; the chairs are cozy; and the lighting is dim.

Does this mean you’ll be sharing juicy dating tidbits?
I’m not one to let good material go to waste, so beware, single men/ users: Meet me for a date at a bar, and the recap is likely to end up here. Names will be changed to protect the not-so-innocent.