Mark another achievement down for 32-year-old comedian Hannibal Buress—the guy Chicago mused last year may be the funniest man alive. This May, he'll be following in the footsteps of Seth Meyers, Lisa Kudrow, and Patton Oswalt by hosting the annual Webby Awards.

For those not familiar, the Webbys honor excellence on the Internet in the categories of websites, advertising & media, online film & video, mobile sites and apps, and social. The tech-centric award ceremony is also known for its trademark five-word acceptance speech rule, which Buress has the honor of enforcing.

The Chicago native has gained a stratospherically high profile since last fall, when he rehashed the rape allegations against Bill Cosby during one of his shows. Since then, he's cameo'd on Comedy Central’s Broad City, brutally sent up Justin Bieber during the pop singer's roast, and scored a greenlight for his series Why? With Hannibal Buress (premiering this July on Comedy Central). Hosting this year’s Webby Awards is just another step in the right direction for comedian, who's named after the historical Carthaginian commander (seriously, go read the story).

The Webby Awards will take place on May 18 in New York City and will be aired, via web of course, the following morning on the Webby Awards website.