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Obama Sighting

Friday night, Malia was seen rock-n-rolling at The Killers. She was back at the park around 2 p.m. Saturday, paling around with rapper Aminé.  

Rahm Loves (Jacob) Banks

Early on, Jacob Banks delivered a riveting set to a small but lively crowd that included none other than Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who stood stage right and grooved along to the U.K. singer's soulful delivery, then stayed afterward to snap a pic with the performer.

Photo: Mauricio Peña

Eph-ing Right

Most on-point band name goes to Ephwurd, who said to the crowd, "This is very fucking important. If you're having fucking fun with your friends give them a fucking high five."

Flying Low

Not on the guest list: giant dragonflies zipping around the festival as concertgoers cowered in fear. While most people shooed them away, we heard one person tell friends to "accept them, they are beautiful!"

New Toys

Lolla gets more creative each year with the way they entertain people who don't want to watch bands. On top of Thursday's roller rink, we spotted this brick of ice filled with Lolla T-shirts on Saturday. The idea was to sit on it and thaw them out (inadvisable). These enterprising teens took to chiseling away at it by hand. Teamwork!

Tough Break for "Kyle"

During the Blossoms' afternoon set, lead singer Tom Ogden asked the crowd if anyone had gotten dumped. Front-row audience member Sara let it be known that Kyle (not at the concert) broke up with her recently, so the band took the opportunity to have the entire crowd loudly boo Kyle and flip him off before breaking into their mellow jam, "My Favorite Room." Sorry, not sorry, Kyle.

Not Fooling Anyone

Bella Bacinos called them "pizza cups," but we are pretty sure this is just your standard Chicago deep dish pizza.

Photo: Britt Julious

Crowd Control

The award for best use of stage lights (and most suburban teenagers smoking weed for the first time) goes to 21 Savage, who hyped up an already-rowdy crowd. Afterward, a near-stampede broke out as kids pushed and shoved each other, climbing over fences—trying to simultaneously make their way to Chance the Rapper's set, purchase a beer, and cross to the other side of the park.

Beer Lines?

Very short, all weekend. A well-staffed festival, far better than Riot Fest or Pitchfork. A+!

Style Notes

Lolla usually loses to Pitchfork when it comes to fashion statements, but this year felt particularly safe. Don't get us wrong! We certainly don't miss the EDM-inspired P.L.U.R. looks of years past, but where's the fun?

In this year: Toonsquad basketball jerseys, white Chuck Taylors, bandanas tied over the mouth, crusty gold body paint, and overalls (thanks, Chance). 

Photo: Cousin Daniel

Out: hula hoops and romphims (except this guy).

Getting Political Pt. 3

You wouldn't expect to see a Black Lives Matter booth at Lolla, one of the more corporate and mainstream festivals. Staffers told us they faced some "All Lives Matter" blowback, but not enough to deter them from their goal of promoting racial justice.

Banks Commands the Stage

Given a tough slot (right before Chance’s headlining set), the alt-R&B singer still took the stage with fans screaming. Wearing a black veil and a steely gaze, she tore it up with her frenetic, contorted dance moves and powerful performance.

Photo: Cousin Daniel

They Screamin' Chano for Mayor!

At this point, Chance headlining Lolla is more symbolically important than his actual set. Chicago's king came home Saturday, and fans were as manic as you'd expect.

Photo: Cousin Daniel

But if you were wondering about the set, it was the live Chance we've all come to know: ecstatic and acrobatic, if slightly short of breath from time to time. Fans had to wait nearly an hour to hear anything off the Chatham native's Acid Rap—the album he famously made waves with on Lolla's tiny BMI stage in 2013—but they were rewarded with a duet with local Vic Mensa.


Yes! @chancetherapper and @vicmensa #Lolla

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No New Friends

Think Chance has enough fans? Rumor has it that the reason there was a special "Chance the Rapper" check-in line was because he requested 600 comped tickets to Lolla (and only received 400). Still trying to confirm this tidbit.

He had no shortage of buddies to help him with the set. First came an introduction video featuring Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres. Then he had all his new friends at the show put up their phones to create a sea of lights during "Juke Jam." (Plus, the aforementioned Vic Mensa cameo.) Then Francis and the Lights joined him on stage for a choreographed dance to "May I Have This Dance."