* this list, in fact, is not based on reporting

  1. Windy City West (first to be removed from shortlist)
  2. Second West
  3. Carl Sandburg's West
  4. River West
  5. West Ridge West
  6. Da Bears West
  7. Da Bulls West
  8. Da Coach West
  9. Da West
  10. Riot FWest
  11. ​LollapaWestza
  12. Dick Wolf Presents Chicago West
  13. All That Jazz West
  14. Ferris Bueller's Day West
  15. Dibs West
  16. GiardinieWest
  17. Harold's Mild Mild West
  18. Maxwell Street Polish West
  19. Don't You Dare Put Ketchup On It West
  20. Gino's West
  21. Another Logan Square Cocktail Bar West
  22. Jeppson's West
  23. But Chicago Summers Are Great West
  24. The West Formerly Known as Sears
  25. Amazon HQ2 West
  26. Chance the West
  27. If You're Going to O'Hare Just Take the Blue Line West
  28. Frank Lloyd West
  29. Make No Small West
  30. Lake Shore West
  31. (Replacing the stars on the Chicago flag with W-E-S-T)
  32. Reverse the West
  33. Lower Lower West
  34. Steppenwest
  35. Blommer's Chocolate SmellWest
  36. ​Chicago (The City Not the Band) West
  37. Chicago Dog All-Beef Frank Mustard Onion Relish Pickle Tomato Celery Salt Poppyseed Bun West