Aziz Ansari walks into a bookstore. This sounds like the setup to a pretty mundane joke, but the Parks and Rec vet has turned an everyday event into a social media comedy frenzy. To promote his new book, Modern Romance, Ansari has been going around to random bookstores while traveling and secretly signing copies. On one copy, he even addressed a note to former Chicago Bull Scottie Pippen.

Pippen, however, didn’t get that copy. Lake View resident Meghan Whalen did. Stopping into the Barbara’s Bookstore in the ground floor of Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Galter Pavilion, she discovered that Ansari signed several of the copies out for display on a table. Only one, though, had a note addressed to Scottie Pippen, so she bought that one.

Pippen, for the record, tweeted that he hasn’t been able to read the book yet.

Don't worry, Whalen says she's happy to pass on her personalized copy.

For those of you who want your own signed copies of “Modern Romance,” Ansari has you covered. Whalen even inquired about the signed copy to the Barbara’s Bookstore employee, who said that Ansari was going around from bookstore to bookstore signing random copies and they had a few left. Who knows who else he is addressing these to.