If you happened to miss the brouhaha on Twitter this afternoon, Spike Lee released the trailer for his new movie Chi-Raq. The film will be a modern adaptation of the Greek comedy Lysistrata. Lee didn't give much away about the plot in his in-depth interview with Chicago magazine last month, but he did ask that people trust him regarding the tone of the film:

People need to relax. They need to stop thinking I’m gonna make light of the loss of life. Please. Calm down. Father Pfleger would have kicked me. He would have damned me to hell a long time ago. C’mon, that’s not who I am. Why would I do that?

The film will be released December 4, 2015, but based on the first footage, many prominent Chicagoans are wary of the final cut.

Nationally, though, people seemed a bit more optimistic about the movie.

And at least one scene had some people around town smirking.

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